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    BANION is an all new podcast in the style of the radio dramas of yesteryear. Set in the village of Tiverton Falls, BANION follows the adventures of Detective Banion and the Tiverton Falls Police Department.

     Featuring Banion, the hard as nails detective, described as Joe Friday, Dick Tracy and Colonel Flagg all rolled into one. Does he seem out of place in this tiny, peaceful hamlet of less than 5000 people? Maybe, but Tiverton Falls can be an odd place. Among other things, it's known as the "clown suicide capital of the world". So...maybe not.

     By his side is his loyal and able partner, Junior Officer Toby Gunderson. He's new to the force, a graduate of the Tiverton Falls Police Training and Dance Academy (they were merged due to budget cuts). They both report to Tiverton Falls Chief of Police James O'Houlihan. He's a gruff veteran, with no patience for these new fangled ideas, like computers or an HR department.

     The TFPD has no coroner or CSI on staff, so that work is handled by Dr. Oskar Finch. A brilliant "scientist" who works out of a small office in a strip mall next to a Jimmy Johns. Little is known about Finch and it's probably for the best.

     There was once five newspapers in town, but they all folded or merged and now there's only one - the Tiverton Falls Post Press Gazette Independent. It's chief reporter is a woman name Ida Ratchit - she's been "slinging ink since the late 40's." There's nothing she won't do for a story - or to keep the boys in blue on their toes.

     BANION! is written by Owen Dunne and performed by the Ranch Road Players.